Vmware vSphere vNICs

VMware vSphere
Connect VM's to DVS

Step 1 - Connect Master to DVS port

Click on the top left VM logo to go back to the base screen.

And then click on the Host and Clusters link.

Step 2 - Connect Node1 to DVS port

Step 3 - Nothing to do in Node2

Node 2 of this cluster is configured to utilize VM DirectPath I/O on Cisco UCS Servers. This technology connects the virtual machine with a a specific PCI device on the host. We have configured the UCS C-Series server to this particular device and for that reason the connectivity to the underlying hardware establishes the connection instead of having to assign the NIC on the host to a specific DVS.

This technology provides various advantages to you:

  • Performance
    DirectPath I/O allows you to sustain high throughput on virtual machines in compute servers that can leverage the technology as it reduces the CPU cycle interupts. Additional off-load technologies provided by hardware make this feature appealing in high capacity environments.
  • Configuration
    By having the direct link to the PCI device, the configuration uplinks to the ACI fabric can be done in UCS at scale such that you can deploy virtualized resources faster.